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Delicious, Affordable, Deliverable

Bubba’s and Bella’s Boards was created by the hands of a loving Hispanic family from Kansas City. What started as a family’s quality time and fun activity, ended up becoming a flowering and bright business. Martina Messmer is a fun-loving and passionate mother that strives to empower her kids’ creative ventures. Bella Messmer is the youngest of the family and creates these boards with care, passion and artistry. Alex Messmer (Bubba) makes sure the products are carried with caution and attentiveness to clients. Together this family makes for a great team, and a beautiful business.


Our Cheese List

  • Fresh Cheese

  • Soft/Rind-Ripened Cheeses

  • Semi-Soft Cheese

  • Hard-Ripened Cheese

  • Blue Veined Cheeses

  • Hard Grating Cheeses

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